Using Generative AI to Create Connection

I began using Generative AI to help with my marriage. I would ask for different activities my husband and I could do together to connect. I was surprised at how many activities the AI systems could create so I started to push a little harder.

For example, I do enjoy hearing that my husband loves me but then I start to think “why does he love me?” and “are the words ‘I love you’ what I really wanted to hear?” So I started to ask ChatGPT what are other ways to say I love you? As well as what ways can you show how you love someone? These two prompts have helped my husband and I feel more connection and love from one another. 

I am not going to say that ChatGPT is a counselor or therapist but if you are looking for small tips that can help you in your relationship day-to-day, I would suggest giving it a try. In the end, after all the suggestions from the GenerativeAI of your choice, you still need to choose which ideas are comfortable and actionable for yourself and your situation. 

I believe that this same mindset can be used for Generative AI in the classroom. Take things slow and use your judgment to determine the best fit for you when integrating ChatGPT suggestions/ideas into your instruction. 


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