Office Space: Keep it colorful! 

One of my favorite things about my office is all the color. I have an interior office with no natural light and that can make my space feel somewhat dreary. One of the ways that I have created an inspiring office space is with color. This can be found before opening my door. 

You will see in the image I have used colored transparency on my door to bring more color. Circles are my favorite shape so they are also showcased. 

Once inside my office you will find bright summer colors that complement the white walls and black file organizer on my wall. I wanted to create a happy and inviting space. In my research I have found that having plants (real or faux) have a positive effect on your mood which is why I have two fake plants and am looking to add a third soon. 

I hope that you have found some inspiration in looking into my office space and maybe you will consider adding a faux plant to your work space to boost your mood in a positive way. 


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