Success is not just from attending class!

Community college life can certainly have its share of fears, accomplishments and yes, even set backs. It really can be a worthwhile endeavor if you find your niche in “college life”.  For some it may take only a few weeks and others it might take longer; however, the most important task “I feel” is to find your niche, that place that just feels right. If you seek out a club, find one. If you want to join an organization, do so. If you need a mentor, seek one out. If you want or need to find a job, then the career center on campus will help you find one. You really should find social circles in which “you the student” can feel like a valued participant. If you do one or more of the above mentioned things, your success rate has or will rise.

2 thoughts on “Success is not just from attending class!”

  1. This is so true. Getting connected is very important to feeling valued and included. Another thing that I’d add to this is get to know someone who works for the school. They can be a big help in navigating through higher education.

  2. Dawna, your post took me back to when I was a freshman college student and felt so lost. Like our students, I was a commuter student, and I hadn’t a clue why I was going to classes everyday, except that my parents expected me to. By my junior year, I had found my niche, which was creative writing , and I got involved with the school’s literary magazine and the on-campus poetry events, and it made all the difference in my feeling a sense of purpose and going to campus every day. Your post reminds me to remind our students of this and let my class be an opportunity for them to feel comfortable and like they belong. 😀


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