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Change That “C” Word!

Change is that “C” word. I love change, and I have learned to embrace it. Many years ago I had a boss that taught me to look at change a bit differently. He explained that change is a challenge, see the “C” word.  “No pun intended” 🙂  If you look at the change as a challenge, you are more likely to embrace it.  I never looked at change as a challenge until he had said that to me. I began looking at “change” in a different light, and I learned that things and life really did seem a lot better and or easier to handle. Not all changes are bad or even have bad outcomes. So, embrace and appreciate change!

Remember if we are forced to change we usually do not accept it. When we are force to do something your mind is not ready for we rebel. So, don’t be scared of that “C” word.

Once we grasp this kind of concept you will see that change really can be for the good.


Success is not just from attending class!

Community college life can certainly have its share of fears, accomplishments and yes, even set backs. It really can be a worthwhile endeavor if you find your niche in “college life”.  For some it may take only a few weeks and others it might take longer; however, the most important task “I feel” is to find your niche, that place that just feels right. If you seek out a club, find one. If you want to join an organization, do so. If you need a mentor, seek one out. If you want or need to find a job, then the career center on campus will help you find one. You really should find social circles in which “you the student” can feel like a valued participant. If you do one or more of the above mentioned things, your success rate has or will rise.

The Littlest Thing Can Change the Mind of a Student

I began my career here at Glendale Community College as a student, then six months later I applied and began to work as a student worker for the Business Department. I then applied for a part time job as a clerk typist with the Business Department, and then applied and landed a full time job for the Chemistry Department. After working there for three year I decided, and was encouraged to apply for the Executive Secretary 1 position for the Dean’s office. I have been on all levels of assisting students, and even being one. I have, and will go above and beyond for all students.

I know how at time it is really hard to figure out what to do as a student. I was one of them that got the run around for the first few months. Maybe some forget that we know how to do most everything and even where to look for what we want and at time we even have the in on who to speak to. However, has anyone taken a moment to think if the student knows where to go or who to ask? At times our students have been given the run around. I personally have witnessed a few occasions and I feel sorry for them when this happens. I know that we are all busy. Sometimes when I take that extra step to help the student, it does not only help that student it also helps the staff member that might be swamped. It is that trickle-down effect.

It only takes a few minutes to pull up the students schedule instead of sending him to the Enrollment Center, especially if it is the beginning of semester. This allows the staff member to assist someone else and the student is able to get to class in time. I think if we all step back and take a moment to reflect if we would want to be treated like that then most of us would probably select a different avenue.

For student success on our campus one of the avenues we need to address is how we assist our students. The littlest thing can change the mind of a student. We need to engage with our students and listen to them.