what is your happy face?

I usually have my students take a quick brain break midway through class to help take their minds off of thinking too much and sitting waaaay too much.

One favorite activity begins with me asking what a basic happy face looks like. Simple: A circle, two dots and a curve.

Then I have them go to the board and draw their own version of a happy face…






Keep an eye out… you just may see some of these students walking around campus – You’ll recognize them by their smiles…!


9 thoughts on “what is your happy face?”

  1. Hi Ray,

    I love this brain break! I’m looking forward to using the idea soon. Thanks for the drawings. They look awesome!

  2. Love this post.

    “Be the reason someone smiles today.” Thanks Ray. You were the reason I smiled.

  3. Love, love, love this. It not only gives the brain a break, it promotes spontaneity and probably raises the energy level in your classes. I love that you photograph some of the happy faces, too. Thanks for sharing! <3

  4. Ray,
    You have tons of great ideas and your students must love being in your classes. What classes are you teaching next semester? I’m signing up! Isn’t this the most wonderful way to allow students to share their spirit and highlight an area where whatever they do is good enough. This is truly a bran break, what a relief they must have felt to tap into their creative and fun side.
    You need to continue your blogging after this ends. I’m addicted to your quick shares.


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