Unforeseen struggles for my students and I

The beginning of the spring semester started my  7th year here at GCC. The semester started out the same , but I soon found that I was struggling with my college mathematics courses. I had taught these courses numerous times before and could usually anticipate the questions and confusion throughout each topic. This semester I thought would be no different, but I soon realized that many of my students had not taken a math class in 5 or more years and their knowledge about the basics were lacking,  The reason for this change is the way we now place students (High School GPA only). I had to really think about the knowledge that I expect my students to have when they enter my class, but also how I can help them remediate these skills if they are lacking.

I had to go back to the basics and started to explain examples differently, give some in time reviews, extra review practices and give some more ticket in the door and out of the door exercises. I am finding it difficult as the semester continues because I see that they are struggling more and they ask numerous more questions. I am grateful they feel comfortable enough to ask questions, and I am hoping that the extra information I have added to the course is helping them, but we will see.

I am hopeful for them and I will continue to try to support them as much as I can.





3 thoughts on “Unforeseen struggles for my students and I”

  1. I’ve run into similar problems in English, and it really throws a monkey wrench into your syllabus schedule and lesson plans. I know the Humanities department provides short mini-classes to help with specific skill building. Are there similar programs in Math?

    1. Hi Paul,
      We do not offer short mini-classes, but have our Math Solution (tutoring center) and our MAT 108 class. Our 108 class is a two credit class students can sign up for until the 45th day. I lead the two night sections and have definitely seen an increase in students registering for this class this semester.

  2. I find myself wondering how we (in higher ed) are going to cope with this issue. Wondering about the reasons for the changes we are making, wondering who, exactly, the changes are “better” for. Not asking you to answer those! If the CTLE can support you or your department in some way, please let us know – or come in for some brainstorming!


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