The Beauty of GCC

As this New Year came I found myself needing to make changes and one of those changes was to get out of my chair during the day and walk the campus.  I have found that not only are the walks a good form of physical exercise, but it also has been personally and intellectually stimulating.  If you have ever have the opportunity to explore our campus you will find many lovely little spots. One of my current favorite spots is a mixed bed of flowers that grow in a riot of stunning shades and sizes.

Like the flowers there’s another wonderful spot I enjoy, which is on the main mall.  The other day I took a moment to sit out under the umbrellas and listen for a while.  I soon noticed that as people passed by I could hear several exquisite languages.   I then began to look up and down the mall and I saw all types of beautiful people, from all over the world.  I was filled with an understanding that although our world is in turmoil we of all ages, origins, religions, socioeconomic stratum, etc., can come together and enjoy the “flowers” of this educational institution.



2 thoughts on “The Beauty of GCC”

  1. I have started taking a daily walk around campus, too! I love to walk, and every time I’ve been out and about this week, marveling at the beauty of our campus, I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. Like you, I’ve heard over a dozen languages being spoken. I’ve also spotted a downy woodpecker that lives in a tree near the math building.

    Your post was like extra validation for my recent efforts at making time for walking, and it was also a reminder that other people experience and enjoy the small moments of beauty that I do. It’s extra special, I think, when we take the time to acknowledge it with each other. Thanks for sharing your post! Kimberly

    1. Wow, thank you Kimberly! You’re comment made my day and I’m going to keep a lookout for a downy woodpecker.


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