The Beach

The Beach

Reading the winter issue of my alma mater (California State University, Long Beach), brought my focus back to where it needs to be! After a rough fall semester, I found myself questioning my work and what I do at GCC. My entire career has been in teaching developmental reading and it has always been “the place I want to be.”

In “The Beach” the college president was quoted as saying: We have to get over this notion in higher education of blaming the student, the student’s high school, family or low-income status. These are students who already have beaten the odds by showing up at our door. We can define paths for their success.

 I realized that is why I am here – to define my students’ paths for success. The program they are in, where they came from, where they have been are important, yes! However, in spite of it, I am here to teach them how to read and “I am here to transform them!” That’s what I want to be doing and that’s where my heart really is.

Yesterday, a colleague asked how my semester is going and we concurred that we really like our new students and are looking forward to this semester. It occurred to me that maybe it’s not just the new students but my renewed focus for my work! Yes, it’s going to be a great semester! (Thanks to The Beach!)


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