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Elementary to College…What is the pedagogy?

No matter to which particular age group one is teaching, it is important to assess, take genuine interest in, and purposefully infuse the students’ likes and strengths into one’s content-based lessons. The classroom affect, whether face-to-face, or sometimes even more difficult to assess, virtual; should be the driving force behind lesson planning. In addition to the brain seeking patterns of which to attach the newly acquired schema, but once one taps into the emotional memory brain through novel and relevant events, the probability of subject retention escalates exponentionally. I am basing the aforementioned professional observational, reflective, and researched upon more than twenty-five years of teaching ages three through sixty-five. Mostly, one has to be excited about what one is instructing because if the students sense excitement within the teacher’s instructional design and delivery, many times, the students will be more receptive towards receiving the instructional input.