Sincerity is best

I learned to be sincere in my teaching when I was teaching at Mesa Community College. I am not good at “edutainment” teaching, I tend to be quite straight forward in my approach, and I thought that students would not like me as an instructor because I was not very exciting. In my second year of teaching at Mesa, I was awarded a Teacher of the Year award. I wondered why, and one of the student that nominated me told me the reason was because I cared about their learning. She said that it was clear that I cared, and that the caring was what mattered, not the “smoke and mirrors” and dazzling effects. I have always remembered to be sincere in my caring and approach, and let the rest take care of itself.


One thought on “Sincerity is best”

  1. That’s really nice to hear.
    Sometime I think we can run the risk of watering things down by getting too caught up in the engagement piece. I feel relieved that students appreciate your sincerity rather than the ways you use to get them to learn. That is a lesson to us all.


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