Reflection Based On “Simply The Best”

  • Week 6 (Mar. 9-13): Read the post. Louise asks some really great reflective questions: “Who or what drives you to be the best version of you? Would you be willing to name names?” “Who or what fires your passion for your field of interest and reminds you of your role at GCC?” It’s time to reflect. It’s the last one. Week 6.

Well, this Write 6×6 has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’m a math/science guy and this writing thing is not my first, second or third choice of fun things to do with my time. That said, it hasn’t been as bad as I had envisioned it. We need to do Solve It 6×6 next 🙂

In response to Alisa Cooper’s challenge based on Louise So’s post “Simply The Best”, I write the following.

There are many people I respect that work here at GCC. I think that the key attribute that gains my respect and admiration is honest caring actions. Someone who genuinely cares about others and doing the best job that they can, where they give without thinking about the cost, always catches my attention. The list of names is to long to write. I’ve never been one who was good at answering the question “What’s your favorite _______?”. I have a lot of favorites. Trying to pick my top whatever people to salute would just be impossible. I hope that everyone I really respect knows it. Maybe that would be a good thing to do after this, write to affirm everyone that I think is doing a great job. Boy, what I’m I saying. That would be a whole lot of writing again 🙁

The question “What drives you to be the best version of you?”, has but one answer for me though, God. Ecclesiastes 12:13b states: “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”. This, along with Ecclesiastes 5:18 “eat, drink, and enjoy yourself in all of your labor in which you toil under the sun during the few years of your life which God has given you.”, express my view of life. My take on this is, work hard, do your best, find enjoyment in all that comes your way, and do it all for God. I hope that if anyone sees me not living by the following two commands, Matthew 22:37-39 “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.”, will point it out to me. Because this is what motivates me to be the best that I can be.