My heroes have always been cowboys . . . I mean, teachers.

I like this prompt.  It reminds me of my role models and my inspiration.  Here are just a few:

  • Carmela, a former ENG071 – ENG102 early childhood cohort student who had three kids by the age of 23,  taught me that teaching is easy.  Life is hard.  Keep going!
  • My education and ENG/RDG team members who challenge me, surprise me, appreciate me, and inspire me to serve our students in new and better ways.TEP teamCindyBetsey
  • Mrs. Gleason,  an energetic 86 year old who is still subbing in high school reminded  me “Wear cute shoes so that students have something to look at when you’re teaching.”Mrs. Gleason
  • Mr. Pallack, my high school algebra and geometry teacher always told us “You can do this!”  This is Mr. Pallack last year with our high school freshman group.  We were celebrating his 90th birthday.

Mr. Pallack's party - class of '76



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