My Corner of GCC

The Challenge was thrown out to name names in this week’s 6 X 6 Blog and I’ll have to say I have a lot of names.  I’ll start with Diane whose kind greeting always makes me feel welcome as I get my daily Coke Cola fix.  Then there’s Richard, along with a team of talented co-workers, who spends his days making sure that our grounds look Ahhh-mazing!  He’s not much for chitchat but he always has a smile when you say hi.  Oh and how about the countless Student Workers who have graced us with their dedication and hard work! Those like Brianna, Tiffany, Amy, and Theresa who especially shine up my surroundings every day.  Who hasn’t seen Chris?!  He motors all over campus advocating for our military men and women.  He even shaved his head for them! Then there’s those I watch working tirelessly to bring our students opportunities outside of campus like Laura and Anthony who daily assist students seeking jobs.

This is just my little corner of campus and I know Glendale Community College has a wealth of people all over campus that make a difference.  These individuals bring warmth, beauty, and care to all to those they encounter.  I am inspired by them, their dedication to the work they do, and the excellent services they give encourages me to do my very best.


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