Learning to Let Go

Like many, I am back in school trying to meet the new HLC qualifications while pursuing a yoga certification. Although I am no spring chicken, there are always new things to learn if we stay open to the possibilities and let of of ego.

Last year, I signed up for an intermediate-level asana class. I had been doing hot yoga for five years prior to registering and thought that I would claim the coveted teacher’s pet award.  After all, I had ten years of youth on my classmates and am incredibly  fit. I have run marathons, competed in triathlons, and spent years on a swim team. On the first day, I showed up in my new Lululemon top that showed off my muscular pecs, and I was ready to downward dog with the best of them. I took a wide stance, threw my rear in the air, and put myself into the pose. As I was  mediating in the pose and relishing some inner glory, I heard the teacher yell across the room, “dear God, someone help that new student”.  Being the helper that I am, I pulled out of the pose and was ready to instruct the student with the poor posture.  To my surprise the misaligned student was me!

I spent the rest of the class, actually the rest of the semester, with an aide who properly adjusted me into EVERY single pose. After five grueling years of practice, I had strengthened nothing except my ability to do every pose incorrectly.  My first instinct was to withdraw, but my fierce sense of competitiveness with myself would not let me quit.  I  persisted, perspired, and complained for sixteen weeks. I did not experience one minute of enjoyment through the two-hour workout.

I am glad that I put my ego aside. I have since graduated to an independent practitioner and the yoga assistant has found a newbie to readjust.  Every once in a while, I hear the teacher grunt-good work, Mary.

Yoga really is about letting go. Through this experience, I have learned to let go of my pride and realign my expectations. I have learned that it is okay to need help. Had I held onto my ego, I would have never grown or pursued my passion.  I have four classes left before I graduate and can call myself a yoga teacher. Yippee.








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  1. This letting go thing must be a theme. Cindy Ortega and I were talking about how to best implement Socratic Seminar with a specific group of students. Yes, the word control was mentioned in the conversation. After our brainstorming, she and Lindra Fishleder successfully managed this highly interactive process with their RDG081 students. Here is what Cindy sent me after the class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkpRIx7jMp4

    Love it! Love your reminder above!


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