Helping Those in Need

I read with hilarity that our fearless 6×6 leader had to cut a workout short, at Orange Theory, of all places, in order to salvage Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from a melt down in her car of disastrous proportions.

I am devoting this post to help someone in need. So if this resonates with you, consider this a gift!

Fortunatley for me, I am lactose intolerant and I generally give up sweets for Lent anyway.  So, I am donating my ice cream prize from last week to anyone who is daring enough to share a time lapse video of themselves completing a 20-minute workout!

I am also taking a poll to see if our dedicated Write 6x6ers would prefer a whole-food snack as their award for completing their weekly challenge.  The results of this poll will be shared next week! Please choose your poison and submit!

People will generally eat what is put in front of them and a sweet reward is always welcome! But if you are trying to make a positive change in your eating habits, my guess is that you will appreciate having a reward that contributes to your health!

I was going to file this blog in the never-to-be-published archives, but have been egged on by our fearless moderator, as it seems that she might be up for the time-lapse video challenge. Who knew?

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, take care of your heart with healthy eating and exercise so you have the energy and strength to send your love to the world.




4 thoughts on “Helping Those in Need”

  1. I’m grateful for the incentives and the fun . . . I always believe the one doing the work gets to make the decisions. Thank you!

  2. I appreciate your post Louise, and Alisa’s follow-up workout video was pretty impressive.

    I would definitely love whole foods rewards over an entire pint of ice cream, but that gets tricky because I don’t find a cardboard flavored granola bar much of an incentive. LOL!

    If your poll comes up in favor of healthful foods as incentive, I think the next step might be to poll again to find out what healthful food would feel like a reward. Maybe a $5 gift card to a local spot that has healthy choices?


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