Deal With It!

I don’t know about you, but I find interpersonal conflict to be a difficult issue to tackle.  My first instinct is to ignore the problem and be like an ostrich – stick my head in the sand and hope the unresolved issue of conflict will just go away naturally.  Of course, I’d like to shrug it off and “let it go,” but in order for me to let go of the conflict, I must first deal with it.  And to deal with it I must address it.  Therein lies the difficult part – my part.  I find it most effective to address the issue in conflict directly with the person I’m having the conflicting issue with.  Yes, that means communicating with the individual in-person and not through an email or a text.  In this way both sides are able to communicate verbally and it allows for the use of body language.  I’ve gotten my feathers ruffled on many occasions by misinterpreting written word only to realize later that it was a simple case of misunderstanding on my part. For issues on which there seems to be no resolution, I’ve found it helpful to employ the assistance of a neutral third-party.  By following my own advice, however, I’m usually able to handle difficult issues best by dealing with them directly and timely.  In other words, I just deal with it!


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