Books in the Background

Like a lot of us who began using Zoom in 2020, I found myself having to choose the perfect background… 

Let’s see… what represents me…?

Hmm… I know: books

Yes, good old-fashioned books will make me look more sophisticated (in an ironic way…)!  

Let’s see… the scholarly book shelf:


A little too wall-papery… Why would I have eleven copies of the same books…? Nope. 

How about…


Ah yes…! Looks nice. Arranged in a beautiful spectrum. Wait a minute… Swiss Graphic DesignHealthcare SpacesNeubauwelt… I don’t know anything about these… What if someone asks me…? Pass.

 How about something with a skull? You know, the classic memento mori thing…


Uh… let’s see… ok, a skull… some kind of lizard… creepy bookcase design… something preserved in a jar… Uh, kind of cool, I guess… but no. 



Yes! Here it is! A messy black-hole swirl of books that just keep piling up and that, if I’m honest with myself, I know I’ll never get around to reading. 

Actually… Maybe I’ll just go with the first one. Less existential dread and all that stuff. 


2 thoughts on “Books in the Background”

  1. Ray,

    I love this post!!! I work in the GCC library and it is truly my happy place!!! I love your images. The swirling book mess looks like how I feel usually!!! Great visual. Working in the library is like being a kid in a candy store where everything is free!!! I overdose on books and try to read too many at one time which is crazy! Thanks again!

  2. I was concerned about how much of my real house I wanted to share with students. In the end I went with a blank backdrop.


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