Being Successful

I believe that I have had many successful events happen in my life both with students and with fellow colleagues. I don’t believe that success is a “rocket science” idea. That is, it isn’t hard to be successful. If your mindset is one of service and unselfishness, then success will come naturally. When you put others first and you approach each day looking for opportunities to assist others you are bound to have successful stories occur. My advice to anyone is, to focus on doing your best at all times whether the job is one you like or dislike, and what will happen then is that you will be an encouragement to others and will make other peoples lives better in the process. Look for the enjoyment that exists in each moment and be content in your situation doing all you can to make your little piece of the world a better place and thus at the end of life you will look back and be happy with how it has all unfolded!