A culturally relevant campus: my GCC Wellness Community

When I came to GCC full time in 2011, I was a desk rat who had been commuting an hour each way each day, and my body showed the result of years of too many meetings and bad food choices.  One of the best things that Nancy Oreshack recommended to me was our GCC yoga class . . . it was five minutes from my office and we got a tuition waiver!  Although the first semester was painful and consisted of an hour workout followed by a Tylenol on the drive home, it was so worth it!  I began to feel better and actually regained an inch of my height lost from years of hunching over a computer.

Since then I have become entrenched in all of our wellness resources.  I’ve lost 38 pounds thanks to our Naturally Slim program.  I learned to eat better thanks to the expertise of speakers like Shannon Smith, GCC nutrition faculty and registered dietician.  I’m a regular swimmer thanks to Louise So, and before COVID I practiced Pilates with Mary Lea and yoga with Anna Hall.  My doctors were lucky to find breast cancer early thanks to the on-campus mammogram opportunities that Margo Bates coordinates. I started walking regularly thanks to Meghan Kennedy of our CTLE and I continue with regular walks with President Leyba-Ruiz.

The best part of this wellness culture is the people.  This is my community.   These are my walking, swimming, hiking, and laughing buddies who keep me on track.  According to Dr. Chris Drew, our 2022 definition of culture has changed:

“While in the past cultures were built around geographical, social class, ethnic, and family ties, this is changing. The internet allows us to create our own ‘tribes’ of people spread out around the world who share our personal interest and values.”

Are you a member of my culture?  Perhaps you are, and we just haven’t met yet.  If you keep a pair of sneakers under your desk, if you have a locker in the FW building, or if you carry a hydro flask, you may be one of my people!  Let’s talk! Let’s walk!

***Our Fitness and Wellness was recently recognized (again!) as an Exercise is Medicine Gold Campus.

***Our Wellness Committee has curated a range of employee wellness opportunities.


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  1. Love this! I am a grateful and joyous member of this great wellness culture! Your enthusiasm is infectious, your encouragement is so welcomed and your friendship is so greatly appreciated!


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