The Neurodiverse Learner

After reviewing some of the amazing resources compiled by our own Roxanna Dewey, this image spoke to me.

It inspired me to try something completely different and challenged my thinking. I have a sister with Downs Syndrome and a nephew with ADHD. This poem is dedicated to them and their relentless pursuit for happiness and belonging.

In the realm of learning, a different kind of pace,

Neurodivergent journey, a unique embrace.

Words may dance, and numbers may speak,

A symphony of learning, where strengths peak.

Challenges woven in the mosaic of thought,

Yet resilience blooms, a lesson well-taught.

Minds may wander through a different haze,

Neurodivergent learner, embracing diverse ways.

Unlocking potentials, like keys in a song,

Learning’s rhythm, where strengths belong.

A canvas of minds, where colors combine,

Neurodivergent learner, let your brilliance shine.


2 thoughts on “The Neurodiverse Learner”

  1. Hi Lore!
    I’m elated that you found the resources inspiring. Even more so, your poem is indelibly poignant; I like how it includes all of the aspects of the ND journey. I’m presenting on this topic at a Lilly Conference in Austin in April and at TYCA West in Spokane in May. May I include your poem?

  2. Absolutely! The resources including the ones on UDL were fascinating to consider how our neurodivergent learners can be lifted up and supported more intentionally.

    As I was looking through the resources, I kept replaying the idea of what my 12 year old nephew with ADHD might think about the way he is learning,


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