Let’s Get Physical (Books)!

I love reading, but sometimes I buy books just for their physical design. I use them in class when we have discussions comparing physical and digital media. Here is my book “show and tell…!”


These “Artenol” magazines (now defunct, I believe) have unique “die-cut” edges.

(The Fredrich Nietzsche issue includes a rare peek at his eyeball on page 17!)

McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern

Issue 53 of “McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern” includes eight “inflatable stories!” (I’ll read them as soon as I find my balloon pump…!)


This 2004 issue of “Adbusters” has a hole right through the middle that lines up with some of the artwork inside.


The previous owner of this James Randi book Flim Flam was not a fan of the author’s skepticism of pseudoscience, passionately expressing disagreements in annotations throughout the book!

I normally don’t like to buy used books that are already too marked up, but this one is great for starting discussions about annotating.

Album of Dinosaurs

I just got flashbacks of my first show & tell in kindergarten, a book I still have: Album of Dinosaurs, so I just had to include it…!


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