And There They Went…

During my Lunar New Year Celebration, I could not recruit any international students to do the fashion show.  In an act of desperation, I asked my Spanish students to help me present some very fancy and beautiful Chinese outfits.  I was able to get 8 students who, for 25 extra points toward the class,  would go on stage and model.   I have never seen a group of 8 so excited about going on stage with some Chinese fancy outfits.  Only 4 were able to make it to rehearsal the night before the event, but the day of the event, they just knew what to do.  The 4 who had gone to the rehearsal instructed the other 4; and on stage, they looked like professional models.  I have attached some pictures for your enjoyment.  I learned that sometimes the most spontaneous actions come across as the most prepared, and rehearsed ones.  After I saw my 8 heroes on stage, I sighed and thought to myself, why worry so much about every single detail?  Life is too short!unnamed


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