Who Wants to Go to Space Camp?

I’m not a space nerd. I’ve had absolutely no interest in space or science for that matter my whole life. But if you have a good friend like Sian Proctor, you kind of get dragged into it a little. I watched her takeoff into space in a rocket ship, build cool things on a reality TV show and live on a Mars simulation for a summer. None of those things are anything I would ever want to do. Nope. Not me.

But Dr. Proctor is cool and we started teaching together at SMCC 25 years ago, so when she asked me for help I always try my best to help out, even if that means flying to Alabama to attend Space Camp. Yep. I went to adult Space Camp last summer and I was sure I would not like it.

It was awesome! I had so much fun, and Sian is looking for some new faculty and students to go this summer with her foundation. All expenses paid. At Proctor Foundation for Art and Science, we are dedicated to bringing community college students and faculty on experiential journeys of scientific research and exploration. Our focus is on the BIPOC community: those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color. Check out how to apply here: https://proctor.foundation/

And check out my adventure below.

Apply today or encourage your BIPOC students to apply. Or you can donate to the foundation. Applications are being accepted through the end of February. So hurry.


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