What the Kittens Teach Me

  I lost my long time, super sweet cat about six months ago, and I knew I would eventually get

The kittens: Lady Bug and Lila

another cat. When the Humane Society had their special “adopt a cat” deal, I thought,  This is a sign. So I went early one day, and I was happy to see a crowd there adopting cats and kittens.  Most of the cats were sleeping or huddled into the corners of their tiny metallic cages. These two?  They were playing, chasing their tails, chasing each other, and even playing in the litter box.  They seemed to have no idea the miserable situation they were in. Lesson One:  Play. No matter what life throws at you, play.  I am happy to say they are still playing. I’m trying to play more, too.
   Lady Bug and Lila think I’m their mom since I feed them, pet them, and talk sweetly to them.  So it’s no big deal to them to wake me in the middle of the night, crawl onto my chest, and begin purring.  They need some attention and affection (and probably want more food).  Lesson Two:  Patience.  It’s so hard to get mad at a purring kitten in the middle of the night.  

Papi and Lady Bug

The kittens are blending in to the family quite well.  They have a dog to contend with, Papi.  They seem to be co-existing splendidly; in fact, Lady Bug really likes Papi and will rub up against him, purring. She’ll even lie next to him.  Lesson Three: Be friendly to everyone.  Lesson Four: Cuddle.