I believe in you.

6th grade. I don’t even remember her name, but my 6th grade teacher commended me on using the correct too (two/to/too).   It was at that point I felt that what I had to say (and write) in class mattered.  It set a standard for me academically; and I didn’t want to be less than what the teacher said I was (smart!).

I wish I could remember her name and thank her for believing in me more than I did.


2 thoughts on “I believe in you.”

  1. Nicola,

    I have a specific memory of being in first or second grade and writing on the fat-line paper and thinking that I could choose which “to” I wanted to use — “too” or “to” — because no teacher had yet explained the difference to me. I don’t remember if I got corrected on that assignment, but I think it’s funny that I remember that moment, and now I teach English for a living.

    What I love most is how your post captures the heart of teaching. Your sixth grade teacher will never know that she made a difference, but she did. And that’s what matters.


  2. Thank you Nicola! You reminded me that I had an Adjunct Math Instructor who not only believed in me but also helped bring college math alive. I wish I remembered his name.


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