Getting Started with Write 6×6 Challenge: Teaching, Learning, & Student Success

Greetings, readers!
Thanks for checking out my blog. For years I have been reading emails about the Write 6×6 Challenge and wondering what it’s all about. This semester, I decided to “take the plunge” and actually participate. (Wow, I often discourage writing students from using cliche and I just used one… hope this isn’t a sign of burn-out!)
The timing seems right for me. I am in the second year of my EdD program in Higher Education Leadership through NAU and this semester in my Philosophy of Education class we are talking an awful lot about the common good, what is “student success,” and who gets to define it. Similar conversations have been arising when I’m in the room working with the GCC Academic Strategic Plan Bridge committee. What contemplating these questions has forced me to do is review my time here at GCC, the things I’ve learned (and am in the process of learning), what I hope to accomplish, what I still wish could be changed, and from what position I stand to try to affect positive changes to better serve our students.
To me, in my personal thinking, our students are the entire reason all of us are here. This is a public institution of teaching and learning–these things should be at the core of everything we do. Best, better, more innovative, and more effective practices and processes should be what we seek (uh-oh, now I’m sounding like Yoda!).
Anyway, those are some of my thoughts as I set up this blog and get ready to take this challenge. Won’t you come along with us on this journey? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Getting Started with Write 6×6 Challenge: Teaching, Learning, & Student Success”

  1. Thanks for the extra push, Jenna! I’ve joined the Challenge now.

    I’m interested in your comment about who defines student success at Glendale or at the community college level. Don’t you find that we’re trying to please multiple audiences with changing priorities?

  2. Jenna – this post is such a great kick-off to Write 6×6. Your post made me think about the hours and hours of meetings and committees so many of our faculty participate in, working on how we can best serve our students. Do we look around those rooms, and are there students in the room, and are we listening to them? I’m looking forward to the rest of your posts and what they add to the discussion here on Write 6×6!


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