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The Center for Teaching, Learning & Engagement invites faculty, staff and administrators to create blogs with a total of 6 pieces of writing, over the span of 6 weeks beginning Week 3 of the 2017 Spring Semester (February 2nd). These blog postings are about teaching, learning, and student success. What you write about specifically is up to you. You have free rein, but if you need some ideas:

  • write6x6_logo_white_bkgndWeek 1 (Feb. 1-5): Inspiration. Who or What inspires you to do what you do here at GCC?
  • Week 2 (Feb. 6-12): Kindness. What does it mean to be a leader in 2017? What skills are most crucial for building a workplace that prioritizes respect and opportunity, and that also values diversity and inclusion? How can leaders channel kindness and vulnerability to form better teams, encourage a better work culture, and help faculty and staff feel valued as individuals and team members? #BensBells
  • Week 3 (Feb. 13-19): Assessment and Evaluation. How have you improved student learning or what are some ways you’ve improved your own work in your job with students or colleagues?
  • Week 4 (Feb. 20-26): Dreams. What would you love to be able to do to improve yourself in relation to your job or to change your job? What are your dreams for improving your job, work/life balance and/or efficiency in your work?
  • Week 5 (Feb. 27-Mar. 5): Difficult Situations. How do you handle difficult situations in your job with colleagues or with students? What advice would you give to others?
  • Week 6 (Mar. 6-12): Building Relationships. How do you build relationships with faculty, staff, and students on campus? How important are these relationships to you?

Thanks to Katie Sutton and GCC Marketing for our awesome logo and banner for the Write 6×6 project.


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