Managing Time in a Classroom

I realized that for all of my planning last week, I just couldn’t finish writing this blog, kept getting side-tracked with other requests and projects.  What this made me realize is that first, there needed to be a “TwoFer” as in Two For One:) this week, and second…that I need to manage my time better.

Time is one of the most important elements in a classroom.  Usually, it seems that we have a ton of it when we start and then we find that we are very short of it very quickly.  Using tools such as Google Calendar, Canvas Calendar and other scheduling programs for computers and phones will greatly help you with that.

Using a calendar that goes with you everywhere, such as the Google Calendar, really helps to get you to plan out your time.  The catch is that you actually have to use it!

On my phone, I have one calendar that shares entries made from my work’s email account and my own personal account.  The result is that I can see all of my work events on the same calendar as my son’s dentist appointment.  This helps me to then find where I can add an event called, “Write 6×6 blog.”

Using this simple method can help you avoid what so many of us run into all of the time…lost time and lost chances.


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