Lord it’s hard to be humble

Many of us “old timers” might remember the Mac Davis song “Lord It’s Hard to be Humble”. As I have thought about this week’s discussion topic this old song came to mind. Our society seems to think this song is true (..when you are perfect in every way..). I think a good leader starts with the opposite of this song. If you are humble, because you know you are human and can make mistakes, you are more likely to have an attitude that respects others and values their input. When you have a humble approach to life you show a caring attitude and tend to put other before self. A humble leader will tend to exhibit the following in the work place: openness to others opinions, attentiveness to their needs, not hesitate to admit mistakes and take ownership of them, accepts change and shows flexibility, is good at self-reflecting, and they put people in positions and LETS them do their job. Most entities seems to taut strength, charisma, enthusiasm, vision, decisiveness as prime characteristics of good leaders but all of those go awry if not controlled first by Humility.


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