Does trying count?

Making a difference in today’s world is easy, said no one! Well, maybe a few people have. I believe that in order to understand a question such as “how do you make a difference,” one must look inward. I believe that one must know the self before one can truly answer a question with such depth.

Anyone can come to the assumption of having made a difference in one way or another. That’s the easy part.

I find myself looking out my office window every now and again, watching everyone walking by and I wonder, have I made a difference in their lives? What have I done today that made a difference not only in someone’s life but for the benefit of society?

These are some difficult questions. Each one of us possesses the right to define “making a difference” in our own way. I understand this and agree, we do define it in our own way. It can be a simple and pleasant gesture of saying hi. Or, going all out by sitting down with someone and having a conversation. Paying for someone’s meal, an invitation for a cup of coffee, helping someone with a flat tire on the side of road, simply put; paying it forward.

I like to think that we all want to make a difference but how many of us actually do? We can never really know if we have or haven’t. Unless these individuals give us some sort of affirmation, we would never be absolutely sure that we made a difference. As depressing and pessimistic it may sound, I believe it to be true.

But, let me get past my cynical sentiments.

“How do you make a difference?” I believe that the only way we can be certain that we are making a difference is to create a level of interaction between one another. This level of interaction cannot be just any interaction, but one that expresses an act of kindness. One that creates a positive relationship even if it is for just that moment. It’s hard! I will be the first one to admit it, having and conveying a true act of kindness is difficult. We are surrounded with so many distractions that we sometimes lose sight of the good. But, if we can understand this about ourselves, we can learn how to make a difference where and when it counts. If we can learn more about ourselves, we can then in turn, make the difference that others long for.

How do I make a difference? I try, try and try a little bit more. I mean, I would love to say that I have a go to difference maker but I don’t. I just try to do right and try to do it with everyone and in everything I do. I will continue to try because I believe that someday everyone will catch on and do the same. Just try!



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